Maternity, Teething & Breastfeeding

Natural Products for Pregnancy, Teething, and Breastfeeding

Nourished Earth brings Australian moms a handpicked range of natural products for every step of motherhood—from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Enjoy gentle, effective care for you and your baby with our natural selection.

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Explore our natural pregnancy and breastfeeding products

Discover our collection of natural pregnancy products, carefully chosen to support mums through the journey of childbirth and beyond. We have sourced a range of products that have been formulated to support wellness and comfort with nature's touch.

Natural products for pregnancy from leading brands

We haven't just selected any brand of product! We've sourced our range from both leading brands and reputable up and comers. These products are designed to care for you and your little one. Helping to give peace of mind during this special time.

Supportive products for your breastfeeding journey

For the new mums, our range of breastfeeding products encourage a nourishing bond between mother and baby. These natural solutions offer support and comfort during breastfeeding, ensuring a gentle experience for both.

For mums facing breastfeeding challenges, we have products to help soothe sore or cracked nipples and support healthy milk supply. Each product is carefully selected for their nurturing properties. They aim to provide comfort and enhance the breastfeeding experience, ensuring mums can continue to nourish their babies with confidence.

Gentle care for teething times

Our teething collection offers a variety of natural solutions to comfort your baby. This includes soothing gels to chewable items. Which are all gentle and effective relief to support your little one through their teething milestones.

Choose Nourished Earth for your maternal journey

At Nourished Earth, we provide mothers with high-quality, natural products for pregnancy and breastfeeding. We aim to support them during these crucial stages of life.

Discover our full range for you and your little one

Alongside care during teething and breastfeeding, we invite you to explore our wholesome selection of nourishing baby foods and daily essentials. For moments of rest, our products designed for bath time and skin care offer gentle purity. And when it's time to unwind, find serenity with our comforting aids for calmness and sleep.


Looking for a specific type of product?

Explore our extensive baby collection at Nourished Earth, where more unique choices await. Define your journey for the perfect product further, with the following categories: