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Our dedicated naturopaths offer personalised wellness strategies, complemented by our health store's range of natural products. Located in Moonee Beach, we also cater to the health needs of those in Coffs Harbour and its surrounding areas.

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The Best In Natural Health Care.

Experience unparalleled health care with our leading naturopathic services, where your wellness journey is our priority. Our expert naturopaths specialise in delivering personalised, holistic care that caters to every age and stage of life. We understand that true health is a balance of mind, body, and spirit, and our approach is rooted in harnessing the natural healing powers of the body.

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In-store Naturopathic Consultations

At our Moonee Beach health food store, near Coffs Harbour, we offer naturopathic consultations with detailed health assessments to create personalised treatment plans. Our approach tailors your wellness journey to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

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Tailored Health Assessments.

Get a health plan as unique as you are with our tailored assessments. Our naturopaths listen, understand, and then dive deep into your lifestyle and wellness goals to create a natural, personalised path to better health.

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What's Next?

  • We Assess Your Health Needs

    Our health practitioners listen to your health history, symptoms, and goals.

  • Create a Customised Plan

    We then identify the best approach for you, one that is simple, achievable, and a sustainable solution for your optimal health and happiness.

  • Implement Healthy Changes

    We empowerclients to adopt healthier lifestyle modifications. Utilising food as medicine to achieve positive and lasting outcomes.

  • Monitor Your Progress

    We provide ongoing support to ensure your treatment plan is working for you. As well as book regular check-ins to adjust the plan as needed for optimal results.

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