Hydrating your skin for Summer

Author: Nourished Earth   Date Posted:21 January 2020 

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Hello and welcome to the N/E Spa for 2020. My name is Fiona and I am a facialist and skincare specialist at Nourished Earth. This is the start of a regular column we will be doing to converse with you on all things skin, body, beauty and health.

To start, as we are in Jan/Feb, having a very hot, long Aussie summer, along with the severe climate and air conditions we have been experiencing, I wanted to touch on skin hydration.

Skin hydration:
Obviously drinking plenty of fluids such as water, herbal teas and fresh juices, is the number one way to stay hydrated internally and on a cellular level. However, also vitally important is the need for the skin’s barrier to be hydrated in order to perform optimally. This literally prevents heat-induced rashes and breakouts and assists collagen and elastin production.

With ongoing dermal dehydration, you may start to see an increase in fine lines and deepening of wrinkles, and a rough appearance to the skin, with the possibility of infection.  In order to heal the epidermal layer, we need to use regular active mists such as those with an aloe-vera or rose water base, water and oil-based serums, and of course a good moisturiser.
Aloe vera gel is also a great option to hydrate, plump and prime the skin.

Our premium spa-grade skincare brands include Vanessa Megan and Organic Spa. Both of these Australian brands contain excellent sprays and serums designed to hydrate and repair.

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Enjoy your summer!

Fiona & the Nourished Earth team….

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