MooGoo Healthy Hair Minis Pack

Because everything’s cuter when it’s mini! These bite-sized beauties are our some of MooGoo's most-popular products and have been for years. Some would call them the classics, but that’s a little fancy for our taste. They’re so cute you’ll want to eat them, and if you really want to you can because they’re made of edible ingredients. So, go on, give your locks some love.

Each pack contains

Milk Shampoo 100ml

Originally made for a family member with an itchy scalp, now one of our best-selling products. Most commercial shampoos contain sulphates (like SLS) that can be dry out hair and irritate the scalp. We use gentle and effective natural cleansers for a clean and healthy head. And it smells great too.

Cream Conditioner 100ml

We made this creamy concoction of natural moisturising oils to hydrate, nourish and detangle hair without silicone-based ingredients that build up and cause limpness. Milk Protein protects hair fibres and revitalizes its protective layer for more resilient, easy-to-manage hair. And it smells great too.

Dry Shampoo 50g

This little baby can save you time and money by extending the time between wet washes. It also saves water by cutting showering time in half, removing smells you may have acquired along the way (gym, cooking etc.), and adds a bit of volume to your locks. Is there anything this powder can’t do?

Protein Shot 8g

We wanted to make a leave-in conditioner from natural oils that won’t build up on the hair and actually penetrate and hydrate the hair instead of just making it feel nice for a while. Plus, using natural ingredients is not only better for your hair and scalp, but it’s also much better for the environment! Made with natural oils like Jojoba & Olive Oil to hydrate hair, as well as Milk Protein to help protect hair fibres. We also sourced a phthalate-free fragrant oil so you can enjoy a wonderful tropical coconut scent without the sensitivity!


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Brand MooGoo Skin Care

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