An all-natural, hypoallergenic sanitiser that maintains your skin's natural oils, leaving your hands soft and clean. You can use this spray around your mouth and gums for fresher breath or you can even spray on cuts, abrasions and burns.

With a handy and refillable spray bottle, you can use this silver colloid conveniently while you're on the go, or keep it at home for a healthy, bacteria-free household.

True Colloidal Silver has been found to be effective against many common bacterial strains and has never been shown to react with other medications. Because of the way silver works, it does not affect the body's good bacteria and bacteria do not seem to develop any measurable resistance to it.

Silver Colloid can be used as a multipurpose antibacterial and anti-fungal. Used topically it can aid in the healing of cuts, psoriasis, burns, dermatitis, acne, tinea, conjunctivitis, cellulitis & abrasions. Silver Colloid can also be used to fight gastro, food poisoning, UTI’s, bladder infections, chest infections & gingivitis. Silver Colloid has not been found to negatively interact with other medication.  

The key benefit to Silver and the reason for its reapplication to many industries is that it does not allow bacteria to develop resistance due to the way bacteria is attacked. Unlike antibiotics, preventing superbugs developing whilst also attacking them after they developed from previous ineffective treatments.


Demineralised water, nanoparticles 30ppm.
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